What is Hellen Suite?

Hellen Suite is a web application for the administration of hotels and similar business models, it is aimed at facilitating operational controls, and the execution of administrative and management functions.

It is composed of different specialized modules and also common to the company, such as vouchers, inventories and others. Among the specialized modules are the powerful logs and props package, with which you will have valuable information on day-to-day events.


Hotel logistics demands the management of a large amount of resources in order to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction; Hellen Suite, allows the optimization of all processes, and ensures operational continuity, with the sole objective that administration is literally easy.

Therefore, there are different access plans to the platform, you can choose the free plan and then subscribe to a better plan with all the functionalities.

Why choose us?


You can manage product inventories, assets, props, room assignment and reservation, hotel locations, employees, vehicles, and more.

Speed and safety

The structure of the application is simple and powerful. All information is secured by multiple layers to guarantee its availability.

Modern design

Adaptable to any device, elegant and intuitive interface, integrates a control panel, graphs and reports, so that you can make decisions based on data.

All the advantages of the web in one suite to support administration tasks. Easy, powerful and from anywhere.

Plan prices

Frequent questions

  • What is the support of the basic plan?

    • A technical support email is provided, through which the inconveniences on the platform are solved. Answers will be given within a period of no more than 24 hours.

  • What types of payment methods are supported?

    • Paypal, Credit and debit cards, Efecty, Baloto, consignment, PSE, Daviplata, Puntored. These means are the most common.

  • Can I manage from the phone or tablet?

    • The system design is geared to run on any device, a feature known as responsive web design.

  • How can I start?

    • You can register with the free plan and then improve it, the registered email will be the main and owner of the account, then you can create hotels and venues, add collaborators.

  • What is dining service about?

    • Hotels can have dining room or restaurant services, you can associate the consumption of your clients to the hotel account.

  • What are the modules about?

    • It is a set of administrative tools that include control of products, services, assets and utilities.


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